Get outside! Take your bike out, skateboard, go for a walk, go to the park, etc.

Happy Easter in March!

Organize a group – play tag, capture the flag, kick the can, etc.

Grab a ball and go play soccer or baseball outside with your friends.

Get some sidewalk chalk from the dollar store. Use it to make sidewalk art, play hopscotch or tic tac toe.

Go berry picking. Some farms offer berry picking and even have a petting zoo or play area.

Clean out your room and closet.

Find all your summer clothes and see what still fits. Have a fashion show and try different combinations.

Go bird watching or bird feeding.

Get a group together with garbage bags, pointy sticks and plastic gloves. Gather up garbage from your street, park, schoolyard, etc.

Go fly a kite.

spring kite flying for kids