Knife Safety-top 10 tips

  • Here are some tips for staying safe while using knives. 

  • Always have adult supervision when you are cutting with knives.  If you are cooking with friends, make sure they know how to use knives properly as well.

  • Never cut things in your hand.  Always use a cutting board.  It is safer and saves your countertops from being scratched up.

  • Use a large cutting board for more space.   We like the boards that are dishwasher safe to really clean them well between uses. Wood boards are porous & best used to cut things like bread – not for raw meat or poultry.  If you do use wood boards for meat or poultry, make sure to wash it REALLY well with hot soapy water.

  • Do not leave knives lying around where small children can reach them. Do not leave knives in the sink - clean them and put them away right after using them, or put them in a dishwasher - blade side down!  Knives should be stored in a wood block.  Storing them loose in a drawer is not good for the blades & can be dangerous when you reach in.


    If you or someone cuts themselves while using a knife, run the wound under cold water.  When the bleeding stops, dry it with a paper towel or cloth and cover it with a bandage or band aid.  If the cut is really deep, apply pressure to it and hold it up (over your head if possible).  If the bleeding still does not stop, get medical attention or call 9-1-1.

  • Always use sharp knives.  Dull knives will lead to injuries more often.

  • Hold the item you are cutting firmly with one hand.  Make sure to tuck your fingers in/curl them under, so your fingers are not sticking out when the blade comes down.

  • Use your other hand to firmly grasp the knife.  Always point the knife blade away from you, or point the blade down when you are carrying it.  Never run or fool around when you are holding a knife.

  • Be alert and pay attention when you are using a knife.  Don’t get distracted or take your eyes off what you are doing. If a knife falls, don’t try to catch it. Quickly step back and let it fall.