Sharks Rules


Sharks & Castaways

Make a big chalk circle in the middle for the 8+  players to fit in.  This big circle is the island.  Make 3 smaller circles in different directions a distance away from the island -  approx. 8 meters (or 8 yards) depending on how much room you have.  These smaller circles are the rescue ships.  Pick one person to be the shark.  All the rest of the players are castaways.

Sharks & Castaways

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The castaways all start in the center circle.  They have to get to the rescue ships.  The shark is allowed in the area between the big circle and the smaller circles.  Castaways are safe only if they are completely within the chalk circles. 
(If there is not enough room in a rescue ship and (or) a castaway falls out of the circle – they can be tagged by the shark).

The shark tries to tag the castaways as they run from the island to the ships.  Any castaways that are tagged become sharks and try to catch the other players.  Once the remaining castaways are all on the ships, time is called and the remaining castaways go safely back to the island and then play starts again.  Continue until only one castaway is remaining – that player is the winner.