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Learn to Play the Guitar

Acoustic and electric guitar is one of the coolest instruments to learn. You can sing along with the guitar playing and best of all, you can take the guitar almost anywhere for practice and also to play for others.

Unlike a drumset or piano, the guitar is portable so it is easy to take along wherever you go.

Many famous guitar players started out learning the basics on an acoustic guitar. Learning the barre chords, notes and patterns can help you get to the top quickly.

Guitar fretsUnderstanding basic music theory can help, and knowing your chords is a must. There are several ways to play the same chord on a guitar, so depending on the size of you hands, there is a best way to learn it.

Taking local guitar lessons can give you a jump start on becoming an awesome guitar player.

Join friends that play other instruments and create your own band. Who needs rockband when you can really play the guitar!