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The tuba isn’t just for Oktoberfest!  Watch this guy play the them song from the Super Mario Brothers on the tuba!

Kids Tuba

Tuba is the bass of the brass instruments. Kids that want to learn to play the tuba usually begin in a school orchestra and learn the fundamentals of rhythm and bass lines. Some tuba players go on to learn the bass guitar as well.

In an orchestra there is usually only one tuba although some school orchestras encourage more than one in order to increase teaching tuba skills to more than one player at a time.

Tubas come in different pitches including Bb, C Eb and F. Most commonly, you will find the "contrabass tuba" which is pitched in either C or Bb.

The beginner tuba has 3 valves but tubas can have up to 6 valves. (experienced players usually play on either 4 or5 valve tubas).

How do you clean a messy tuba? With a tuba toothpaste!