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Musical Kids

Jeremy, 12 years old, plays Chopin Classical Music for us in this video.

He is a 12 year old concert pianist. In the video above he plays Fantasie Impromptu. He first started piano when he was 5 years old. He practices about an hour or more a day. He performs at concerts and writes his own music. Check out some of the other musical kids, tweens and teens in this section.

Countdown to Black Friday Deals in Musical Instruments

Learn to play a musical instrument and enjoy the gift of music. Learning to play the piano, guitar, drums, bass, woodwind, brass,string instrument or other musical instrument is a great way to express yourself and maybe even get into a music group, band or orchestra.

Want to learn to play the piano? Check out an online piano course!  or you can take piano lessons at either a local piano lessons location, a teacher's home or a teacher may offer piano lessons in your own home and on your own piano.


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