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On The Mat

Welcome to our On The Mat page.  This page is for sports and skills that you usually do on a mat.  For instance, all our tutorials for gymnastics, dance, tumbling, etc. are on this page. 

You can learn how to do the splits, a split roll, cartwheel, aerial, back handspring, front walkover and more.  All gymnastic skills take time to learn and should be practiced regularly.  Make sure you are warmed up first, practice on a mat or other soft surface, and have a 'spotter' or partner whenever possible.

Practice gymnastics, martial arts and dance on your own home gymnastics mats.

You will also find information on martial arts, including our video where we visit a TaeKwonDo studio and speak with some of the blackbelts (as young as 10) about their training. 

There are also videos about yoga, pilates, tumbling and more. 

We hope you like our video on sumo wrestling.  Katrina's brother rented the suits for a birthday party and we had so much fun with them!  (But they are really heavy!)  A lot of these sports are great because they don't require a lot of expensive equipment or gear, and can be done indoors or outdoors. 
There are so many options to get fit and have fun.  We hope you will find some you enjoy or get inspired to try something new.  See you on the mats!

Gymnastics mat to help with training. (2" thick )