Strategy Game Port Royale 2

PC Video Games


PC games can be played online. For kids, Club Penguin and the Webkinz has been a favourite destination online. There are the tycoon series of ga
games such as railroad tycoon and amusement park tycoon.

PC video games can be role playing games (RPG), online games with interaction or just plain fun games for kids, tweens and teens. Ipad and mobile games and apps are taking over from the traditional desktop pc game, but there is still plenty of software made for Macs and PCs.


Strategy games range from basic chess, checkers, risk, monopoly and PC versions of board games to newer games like Port Royale 2.

A version of the game released in the second half of 2012 is Port Royale 3 and reviewed in the above video. Most pirate games are rated Arrr!