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Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance originated from African American dance in the late 1800’s to mid-1900’s.  After the 1950’s the essence of Caribbean traditional dance was made into a performing art.  Jazz dance then evolved into a new smooth style on Broadway and is now taught and known as Modern Jazz.  This style of dance was popularized by Bob Fosse in many of his shows such as Chicago, Cabaret and The Pajama Game.

Today jazz dance is taught in dance schools and is performed by dance companies all over the world.  It is an essential part of musical theatre choreography and can be seen in dance competitions, music videos, and on television shows such as SoYou Think You Can Dance.

Contemporary dance is made of a group of concert dance forms.  It is a collection of systems and methods developed from Modern and Postmodern dance.  Canadian, American, European and Australian contemporary dance are quite different from each other in a number of ways.


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