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All That Jazz - Fosse

Bob Fosse is probably one of the best known jazz choreographers in the world – with All that Jazz being his most famous number.  Before he did that choreography, he was a wonderful dancer himself. 

Bob Fosse performing his own choreography (he is the blonde one) in a number from the 1955 film "My Sister Eileen." Also featuring Tommy Rall, another incredible dancer.

Bob Fosse’s trade mark was that he usually costumed his jazz dancers in hats and gloves.  Bob Fosse was born in Chicago in 1927 and throughout his career he won eight Tony Awards for choreography and one for directing as well as an Academy Award for directing the movie Cabaret.

Some of Bob Fosse’s unique jazz style of dance includes the use of sideways shuffling, rolled shoulders and the use of turned-in knees.  He also liked to use props such as hats, canes and chairs.