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Alvin Ailey Love Stories


Alvin Ailey - Love Stories

This is a mix of modern with classical and hip hop to some Stevie Wonder and African beats performed by the fabulous Alvin Ailey dance company.

The Alvin Ailey story is such an inspirational one.  In 1969 he founded the Alvin Ailey Dance Center in Brooklyn, NY with 125 students.  Today the school trains over 3,500 students yearly in a full-time Professional Division and a Junior Division for aspiring dancers.  There are also Ailey Extension classes for the general public which is in keeping with Alvin Ailey’s vision of making dance instruction available to everyone.

Ailey II is the school’s junior company in residence which is the bridge between the school and the world of professional dance.  The goal of the Alvin Ailey School is to train outstanding students as professional dancers by offering the highest quality of dance instruction.  It also provides assistance to students by way of tuition and housing assistance. 

The school also provides professional counseling for nutrition and psychological well-being.
And of course, the Alvin Ailey School offers a broad range of dance classes for all dance enthusiasts.