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Jazz Technique Workshop- Modern Dance

This was a dance workshop held in New York in 2007.  This modern dance workshop was taught by Denise Vale at the Martha Graham dance company.

The Martha Graham Dance company was founded in 1926  by Martha Graham and is the oldest contemporary dance company in America.  The company has received international acclaim from audiences all over the world.  Martha Graham choreographed 181 works during her life and she herself performed well into the 1960’s. 

The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance welcomes students from many different countries to study the Martha Graham Technique and Repertory.  Classes are taught by instructors who worked with Martha Graham and who have or still are, members of the Martha Graham Dance Company. 

The goal is to train dancers to become professionals who will perform locally and nationally.  Martha Graham students and dancers come from all cultures and backgrounds and in turn learn and then take this American art of dance around the world to both teach and perform it.