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2008 UDA Championships



2008 UDA Championships

Watch this large group of performers from the University of Central Florida perform in the  jazz section of the UDA Championships

The team from University of Central Florida is called the KnightMoves Dance Team and it consists of 12-18 women.  Their primary focus is to support the UCF athletic teams at home games such as football, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball matches.  Furthermore, the dance team participates in many community outreach programs during the school year.

UCF’s dance team is seen as one of the leaders in the United States.  Each summer the team attends UDA college dance camp where instructors from all over the country come to teach them different styles.

By the fall, UCF will send in an entry video to receive their ranking for the UDA/ESPN championships and then will focus on preparing and perfecting their dance routines that they will perform at the  national competition.