Rules to Hopscotch


Get some sidewalk chalk from the dollar store.  Use it to make sidewalk art, play hopscotch or tic tac toe.

You first need to draw an 8 square hopscotch – like the picture.  Get acquainted with the rules to hopscotch. Make sure you make the boxes big enough to fit your feet.  You will also need a shooter – either a bottle cap or a rock about the same size as a cap.  Any number of players can play and the first player to finish the course all 8 times is the winner.

Hopscotch Rules - How to Play






Rules to Hopscotch :

The first player stands at the starting position (in front of the first square) and throws their shooter into square one.  That player then hops over square 1 and goes up the course, landing with one foot in each square.  Where there are 2 squares next to each other (squares 3 & 4 and 6 & 7) the player can put both feet down at the same time.  When the player reaches the end box, she must turn around and hop back to the beginning.  If the player’s foot touches a line, they end their turn and the next player goes.

Once the player has successfully completed the first turn, they then pick up their shooter, return to the start position, and must throw it to land on the second square.  If the shooter lands in square 2, the player goes up & down the hopscotch – this time skipping over square 2.  If they make it successfully up and back (without touching a line), they get their shooter and try to throw it in square 3, and so on.

Variations of Hopscotch:
Instead of throwing the shooter, you have to stand on one leg and kick the shooter with the other foot.
Do all the odd numbers first, then do all the even numbers.
Expert:  You have to do all of the even numbers backwards (jump backwards without skipping the line)