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Learn to Play the Drums

Drumming is about coordination, rhythm and also feel.

Learning to read drum sheet music will help pick up new rhythms easier. The bass drum, snare, high hat and toms are all clearly marked in that type of music to make learning easy.

Playing along with your favourite song is also a great way to learn how to keep a steady beat, because most popular music has a steady beat already. (some popular music has too steady of a beat called a drum loop or machine which is great for learning meter, but not so good for learning groove).

Guitar fretsKnow the basic rhythm patterns first and build on your success.

Playing rockband drums is actually not a bad way to get your meter or rhythm going since you use the same bass drum, high hat and snare patterns than you can use on a real drum set.

Boom, bop, boom biddy bop, get to the beat!