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Exercises for Dance

Dance Exercises

Warmup and exercise is important to avoid injury with any sport or performing art including dance. A good stretch can help limber up muscles and a warmup routine can get the body warmed up and ready to dance.

Warmup exercises and stretching are also necessary for sports and trampoline. The same exercises can be a good warmup for whatever physical activity you are getting ready to do.

Warming up is not just about getting warm, but there is alot going on in the body when the heartrate goes up and you stretch muscles. Blood flow and oxygen gets to the muscles easier which avoids injury. Also sweating is good because it cleans skin pores and reduces the amount of heat stored in the body. Your coordination also improves when you are warmed up.

So if you want to prevent muscle soreness, then enjoy your warmup exercises!

With every warm-up exercise routine for kids, there is also a cool-down. Stretching is a key part of warming up and cooling down. While warming up boosts energy level, boosts oxygen, blood flow and heart rate, cooling down helps the body get back to equilibrium.