By yourself-or with friendsoutdoors kids

Here are some ideas to get you outside & active!!

*Practice cartwheels.   If you get good, practice with one hand.
*Get outside!  Take your bike out, skateboard, go for a walk, go to the park, etc.
*Get a yo-yo and try learning some tricks.
*Play some games like horseshoes or shuffleboard
*Go power walking.  Bring along your ipod to walk to your favourite songs.
*Climb a tree.
*Fly a kite!  You can even try making your own.
*Take a hike in the woods or to the park with friends or family



With friends

Get a group together to do any of the following:
*Obstacle courses – make up your own using old tires, hoops, climbing ropes, etc.
*Watch videos on Fit For A  on ways to play tag, capture the flag, kick the can, etc.
*Take a hike with some friends.  Make it an adventure (pretend you are on Survivor or Lost) or a treasure hunt.  Gather up flat rocks for painting, leaves or pinecones to make crafts with.
*Hold some races.  Try running or fast walking, 3 legged races, potato sack races, races holding an egg on a spoon, running with a balloon between your knees, etc.
*Get a strong rope and a group together to play tug of war.  Make teams as even as possible to be really challenging!
*Build a tree fort or clubhouse.  It doesn’t have to be out of wood & nails.  You can just use some old blankets & cardboard to make one for the day.

*Blow up some balloons and play volleyball or other games keeping the balloons in the air