Colorful Parties

United Colors parties – Pink, purple, red, blue – you choose your fav.  Everyone should come dressed in those colors, invitations, balloons, decorations – even food – should all be in the chosen color.  Don’t forget to get stuff for loot bags using the same colors.  (Candies, hair elastics, makeup cases, scarves, etc.). For instance, if you wanted to have a Valentines party you could choose pink, red or white.

Black & White party:  everyone has some black & white in their wardrobe.  You can make all the decorations in these colors, invitations, even loot bag items.  (Think white gloves, hair scrunchies, bracelets, socks, etc.). You can do a fun variation on this party making it a black and white movie or black tie theme.

Black light party – cool anytime but especially around Halloween.

Buy some black light bulbs and replace all the light bulbs in the rooms where you will be holding the party.  Use black or navy blue tablecloths or sheets to cover the table where you will put the food.  Use plates, white plastic cutlery and white napkins – it will look like they are floating in the dark!  Get transparent plastic cups and serve mountain dew – it glows in the dark!  You can also add some neon straws for bright color.

To decorate the walls, get some black velvet posters or doodle velvet pictures to put on the walls.  You can also make some cool decorations yourself – get some black poster paper and paint on white or neon colors to make cool graffiti sayings or party designs (stars, balloons, birthday person’s name, etc.)  You can use a disco ball or fog machine for extra effect near the dance area.

For guests, get some glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets & anklets.  They look really cool when you are dancing around in the dark!  Best stuff to wear:  dark clothes with some white or glow in dark writing/stripes/accents.