More Fun Inside

Sometimes the weather's no good and we have to stay inside. That doesn't mean we have to sit in front of the TV all day. Here are some other fun things to do.


*Put on plays. Do project runway or top model.
*Put on fab outfits you put together and do your best catwalk strut!
*Create a Scavenger hunt or Treasure hunt. Look on our Party Games Hunts page for some great ideas!
*Put on a cirque de soleil show
*Play darts – they have suction cup and nerf darts that can be used anywhere
*Make sock puppets.
*Put on a funny play or have a sock puppet interview the others.
*Paint a face on the side of your hand so the mouth is where your thumb and index finger comes together.
*Take some pillows and blankets and make a fort hideaway. Go inside with some books or bead crafts or play some of our Party Games with your friends.