Outdoor Parties

Have a camping party. Pitch a tent – in your yard, basement, etc. Or make your own with blankets in your living room or bedroom.  Tell stories & make smores.  Use only flashlights at night & sleep in your sleeping bags. If you are having a night time/camping party (even in your yard) or a party in your basement, play a game of flashlight tag.  One person is ‘it’ and has a flashlight.  That person has to find the others by shining a light on them.  Works best if players wear dark color clothes.

Go on a picnic.  If the weather is too bad, have it in your basement – or somewhere in your house where you can lay out a beach blanket. Blow up some balloons & play some fun games – keep the balloon from touching the ground, juggle several balloons at once,  play volleyball – or multi-ball volleyball.  You can also decorate the balloons with markers.

Organize a pool party.  (Be sure everyone can swim or have safety vests available).  You can make invitations shaped like watermelon wedges, strawberries, suns, beach umbrellas, etc.

Play pool tag.  Get a beach ball & play volleyball (in the shallow end – or on the grass).  Have a water gun or water balloon fight.  Make up games with pool noodles.  Get some diving sticks and make it a game.  Have contests off the diving board:  see who can do the wackiest jumps, most impressive, funniest, biggest cannonball, etc.  Get out the hose & fire up the sprinkler attachments.

Have a mocktail party  (see recipe on our food-drinks page).  Be sure to use plastic glassware near the pool.  Ask your parents if you can do a Barb-q.  This is also a great occasion for do it yourself fruit kabobs.  Don’t forget the watermelon.  Frozen yogurt (or ice cream) sundaes are fun too – be sure to have different flavours & some fun stuff to sprinkle or poor on top.

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Pool Party Games