Save 10% on Star Party Supplies

Got a video camera?  Make a party!  You can have guests make teams – players, directors, etc.  An adult or the party giver can be the videographer.  Pick the place you want to film – make sure you have enough light and that it is not too noisy.

Rock star – Let teams choose their favourite songs.  Do some air guitar, lip singing, rock moves, back up singer grooves, drum solos, etc.  The team that is the most rocking wins.

Dance star – Solo, pairs or groups- you decide.  Pull off your best “So you think you can dance moves”.   Winning team will have the best, most exciting choreography. Want to do hip hop or street style?  See who can bust the best moves & don’t forget to dress the party with some funky hats or sweats.

Exercise star – do a training video, an old-style aerobics or callisthenics class, some kick boxing or jock moves.

Martial Arts Star – Think you can be a crouching tiger, hidden dragon.  Can you out move Jet Li?  At the very least, do some mean faces, karate chops and grasshopper poses.  Works best if you have a ghee, black tying belt or headband.

Critic Review:  Talk about the latest books, movies or music cd’s.  Give your thumbs up or down to fashion on a catwalk, red carpet, or even other party goers.  Do a food critic review of the snacks and table décor.  Talk about the other ‘talent’ or performances you have seen.  Are you more Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul? 

Talk Show Host:  Interview other team members.  They can be themselves or pretend to be celebrities, famous people in history, aliens from another planet, etc.