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There are 2 gifts at a party. One for the birthday girl or boy and the other for the guests (loot bag).

Birthday Gifts – The best birthday gift is a personal one. Asking and finding out what a person really wishes for or likes can make the gift more meaningful. A handmade card or other handmade item also is very personal and shows you put thought into the gift.

Of course if you are in a rush, a Gift Card can give the birthday girl or boy a budget to get their own best gift.

Guest Gifts or Loot Bags – The loot bag is a parting gift that is given to each guest for attending a birthday party and is gaining in popularity. The loot bags used to be just small little bags with a few candies, toys or other small items sometimes related to the party theme. But lately at some parties, the loot bags are starting to be as nice as the gifts! Still, these should just be for fun and contain a few lasting reminders of the time spent together at the party.

Birthday Party
Happy birthday and enjoy your birthday party!


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