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Star party – have everyone wear something a bit glamorous – do nail painting, body glitter, hair up-do’s.  Buy or cut out paper or glittery stars for decoration.  Look for party supplies with stars or decorate your own white ones with stickers or markers.

Oscar night – Have ballot sheets for guests to mark their picks for winners & a prize for person who gets the most right.  Have guests wear fancy dresses, boas, glitter, etc. and lay down a red carpet or runner in your hallway for guests to enter.  You can even do a running commentary – talking about their outfit, how fab they look & what a big star they are.  Don’t forget to have popcorn for viewing & make everyone get up and dance for the nominated songs.  You can have fun during the commercials too – everyone can act out scenes from their favourite movies or do impressions of their favourite movie stars.  You can also announce the winners (say the category or movie and which one of your guests won it) and have that guest come up and make their acceptance speech.  Don’t forget to give them an Oscar to hold- check with your mom if she has any weird or old statues.

Grammy/Junos Party – have everyone dress in their funkiest clothes or coolest rock star clothes.  You can even tell guests they must pick an artist and put an outfit together that looks like something that artist would wear.  Of course, wigs are allowed.  Try to have some nominated Grammy songs to dance to. You can also have each guest do a karaoke version of the song or lip sing along with their best rock moves.  For fun, make sure each one of your favourite guests wins an award (you can decide what they win – lifetime achievement, best video, best new artist, etc.) and have them come up and make an acceptance speech.

Emmy Awards Party
Have each guest pick a nominated TV show and come dressed in that theme.  You can also make each one get up and sing the theme song or re-enact their favourite scene from the show. 

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