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String Instruments


Learn to Play String Instruments

Learn to play one or more string instruments and join your school band or orchestra. String instruments are played with a bow that moves across the strings to make a sound.

The fingerboard is where the different notes are determined.

Popular string instruments including violin, viola, cello and bass. Four part orchestral arrangements are usually made for these four instruments.

Fiddle for kidsOther stringed instruments are in the mountain music type. Ya-hoo! The fiddle is available in 3/4 size or 1/2 size and even smaller, so any small hands can start to learn. The fiddle can sound scratchy to begin with, but once it gets going, it is pretty cool.

You can use fiddle mutes on a fiddle to make them quieter when practicing.

Clothes pins actually work fine for that purpose.

Tape on the fiddle can help mark where the frets are so kids can easily find the right fret. Just tape the second and fifth frets to help get it. You can put tape for all the frets as needed, but to start you only need the two. A shoulder rest can help make playing the fiddle more comfortable. Learn to play the guitar or other stringed instrument that does not use a bow if you like.