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Chef party
Organize a cooking party yourself (using some of the ideas on Fit for a or see if you can hire professionals from local bakeries or supper preparation places (Supperworks, some grocery stores or restaurants offer cooking instructions). As your party favors, give each guest a plain chef’s hat and an apron.  Divide guests into small groups to make party tacos or pizzas (see recipes).  Let guests bake cookies, cupcakes or brownies – the best ones are ones you can decorate later.

After eating, or while you are waiting for the food to cook, let your guest chefs decorate their hats and aprons with permanent markers or fabric paints.  (You can also use glitter glue – but allow plenty of time to dry.)  You can also get stencils (or make your own cut-outs) with fruits, vegetables, letters, etc.  Guests can trace the outlines and then fill them in with markers or paints for a custom kitchen theme.

Have a tea party.  Have everyone dress up & wear fancy hats.  Make fancy finger sandwiches & cookies.  Have a variety of teas available: green tea, vanilla tea, earl grey, herbal tea, etc.

Music jam: get some friends together – use whatever instruments people have.  If you don’t have instruments, make your own with stuff around the house.
Song composing:  Make up songs about your favourite activity, favourite people, least favourite people, places, times etc. 

Sports party. Superbowl parties are always fun, but why not throw an olympic party, a World Series party, or a party to celebrate a cheerleading final or junior sports team championship. No matter which sport you love, make sure the invitations, decorations and dress code go with the theme.

TV show themed party – is there a show everyone loves?  Survivor?  Hannah Montana? So You Think You Can Dance?  Make everyone come as their favourite character.  Decorate in the style of the show & think of snacks that also fit the theme.  You can print titles or pictures from the TV show website to cut & paste onto your invitations.