Piano Age 12 Jeremy

Bach Duet


7 Year Old Pianist




Musical Kids Robot

Puppet Skeleton

5 Year Old Violinist

7 Year Old Fiddler



Harmonica Beat Box

French Horn




Other Music

Top Marching Band

Female Beatboxer


Drummer Age:10

Percussion Dance

Hip Hop Drummers

Japanese Drums

Snare Drums


Stomp Out Loud


Guitar & Mandolin

Blues Guitar

Canon Rock

Bass Guitar

Rocking Guitar

10 Year Old Guitarist



11 Year Old Singer

Young Il Divo

Italian Duet

Singing Sign

British Singer Connie

Talented Kid Singers

9 Year Old Jamia

Amazing Kid Singers

More Amazing Kids


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons can be taken at a local piano school or studio, or a piano teacher can come into the home or teach at their home. Most communities have many piano teachers that can get a student started.

The thing with the piano is that in the beginning, it may seem like some work, but once you are able to play a few songs, then the amazing of family and friends can begin.

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Many homes and places have a piano, so being able to sit down and play a few songs can really get you in with the group.

For more advanced players, the actual rhythm, emotion and feel become a part of the performance in addition to hitting all the right notes. But it just takes practice and you will get better every time.

See Jeremy play a classical piece and know it is possible to be great at the piano, even at a young age. The piano is also timeless so it is never too late to start learning it. Once you learn the piano, those skills can be used on many other instruments too and is a skill you will have for life.