Party Planning

    A lot of planning will help make your special party perfect.  Decide what you want to do ahead of time – do you want a theme?  A sleepover? Do you want competitive games – maybe even with little prizes?  Do you want to cook, order in, build your own, or even do a potluck?  Do you want a lot of friends, or only your closest ones?  Do you want to do crafts?  Team games?  Make up dances?  Do spa stuff?  Have music playing?  Will you blow up balloons & put up decorations? The more you plan the fun in your head – the easier it will be to pull it all together.

There are so many great party ideas on Fit For a Feast.  You can find recipes to have a mocktail party, build your own tacos or pizza, decorate cupcakes – and even breakfast recipes for sleepover parties.  There are tons of party ideas – truth or dare, indoor versions of hide & seek, dance moves to make up your own choreography – even movie recommendations for wrapping up the night with some chill time.  You can also have fun making cool invitations (that go with your theme) or loot bags.  Going to a party?  Check out our top 10 list of hot games & electronics to make your gift one of the best.

Remember – parties are about spending time with friends and having lots of fun.  Don’t stress - If you are enthusiastic and excited about having them – they will feel the same way about being invited.  Party ON

Here is some helpful information on planning your next  Kids' Parties and Celebrations

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