hide & seek rules

Hide & Seek

You will need a minimum of 4 players and chalk to draw a large circle

Draw a large circle and choose a player to be the seeker that goes first. 

That player stands in the circle, closes her eyes and counts to 20.  The other players run off to hide.

Feaster's Hide & Seek

How to Play Feaster Hide And Seek:













Once the seeker finishes counting, he or she must go look for the other players.  While he or she is looking, the hiders must try to get back to the circle and shout `feasters` to be safe.  If the seeker finds a player, they must race back to the circle and shout `feasters AND that player’s name.  If the seeker beats the hider back to the circle and yells "feasters" first, the seeker has then captured that player and gets one point.

The round is over once every player has either been captured or has made it back to the circle.  The number of captures is recorded for that seeker and another round starts with a new seeker.  Once each player has had a turn as seeker, the scores are compared and the seeker with the highest number of captures is the winner.