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This month's KIDS DVD:


Computer PC Skills


PC skills or personal computer skills are important to learn when you are young. From basic typing to how to use popular programs like Word, Outlook for email and even harder programs like Photoshop for image editing and one of the video editing programs.

Young kids start out by learning how to type on either a PC, laptop (or even a cellphone, but it is better to learn on a full-size keyboard).

Programs have shortcuts in them, so learning the basic computer commands can help work with all kinds of different programs. Knowing that control+s is save and control+z is undo really comes in handy (holding the control key down and then pressing the letter key while still holding the control key). You can then learn control+p for print window and all sorts of other handy short cuts. Once you learn them one, you can use them in word programs and many other types of software.

Will post more PC skills tips here... Have fun increasing your typing speed by typing something fun! Online games are actually really great for this, because sometimes you have to communicate with others or type something fast so you just have to learn to type faster by playing them, another fun way to get better at typing.

You don't necessarily need the latest version of Microsoft Office or Word, you can still use say Office 2010 or even Office 2007 and get the basic job done of writing and formating documents.

Want a free solution? Try the Google word processor and spreadsheet that you can access in your Google account. You can also activate Google drive and store things in the cloud, for free.