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Sumo Suit Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling Suit - Sumo Party

Katrina and Sloane (Dojo Dumpling vs. Big Mac) go head to head in this one round sumo wrestling match using sumo suits.



Sumo wrestling suits are fun at a birthday party or fun event. The ring we used is inflatable, but if you have too high of a ring, then you can get injured stepping or falling off, so we set it up in the grass and it worked out great.

My helmet was a little big and would not stay on, so if you do this, ask if there are different sized helmets.

Sumo suits

We took lots of pictures and had fun making this video. Hope you like it too. Sumo suits are loads of fun, we would definitely try this again! This was a fun sumo wrestling suit party.

You can just imagine how hot it was in those suits.

"They had so much fun as you can tell by watching this video. They laughed a lot as they fell over and bumped into each other. It gave the girls a real appreciation for the large sumo wrestlers that do this sport for real!"

We were able to rent these Sumo Wrestling Suits from our friends at the Main Event in Mississauga. You can find these suits at a place that rents large items for parties, such as bouncy castles, cotton candy machines, etc. Katrina’s brother Justin had these suits and the mats rented for his birthday party. They were a big hit.

Have fun watching Sloane and Katrina as they duke it out on the mat and have more fun falling down and on top of each other!