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How to Dance En Pointe

In Ballet, to dance  en pointe means to dance on the tips of your toes. This is performed with specially designed pointe shoes that support the feet. Pointe should only be started after age 13 or so as serious injury to growing young feet and bones can occur.

Start preparing for pointe work at the barre with strengthening exercises.

A foundation in ballet along with a good dance teacher will help make the transition to pointe smooth.

Katrina keeps tape in her dance bag to help avoid injury during training.

ballet dance lessons Pointe teaching methods vary depending on a teacher's preferences or the specific chosen method.

Basic steps include relevés and échappés. After sufficient strength is developed, the student can move on to moves and positions that end on a single foot.

Getting the proper pointe shoes fitted is key to feeling comfortable with all of the exercises. If pointe shoes don't fit right, they can cause black toenails, stress fractures in the toes and blisters among other injuries.

Your dance teacher may help you get fitted properly. Pointe can lead to serious injuries if done incorrectly, so it is best to have professional instruction and guidance, and follow best practices to avoid being injured.

The heel of the pointe shoe material should come up to about 7/8 of the height of your heel bone. If it is too high you may get problems with the Achilles tendon attachment and if it is too low you may get frustrated with the shoe heel constantly coming off.

There are even summer ballet classes at various dance studios where proper technique can be learned and practiced. Soon you will be making the ballet moves en pointe look effortless and smooth, but it takes alot of regular practice to get great.

For those that have a foundation in ballet and are of sufficient age, health and experience - Learn Pointe Online - check out the online pointe training that can help get into pointe.

The course begins with flexibility, strengthening the different foot muscles, develop your turnout muscles for better turnouts and grow to find your balance away from the barre.

Learn Pointe at BarreWhether you want do do ballet for fun or want to become a professional ballerina, have fun learning pointe!

The online pointe course goes over all of the strength and technical requirements to starting en pointe.

Identify any weaknesses and fix them to avoid injury by following the instructions.

There are also simple massage techniques that can improve your pointe range as well as internal foot muscle exercises to avoid injury.

Perfect Pointe Course Online

Learn how to get true core stability to learn pointe safely.