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B-boy style with breakdowns for all levels including freezes, top rocks, power moves and basic moves even if you are a beginner.
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B Boy Jr.

This guy is an awesome break dancer.  He can really kick it old school. Representing the country of France, see this awesome live performance of breakdancing. Everyone gets in on the breakdance action in this video.

One guy even cleared a spot in his bedroom to make enough room to practice.

Junior takes it home. This takes a lot of practice but while you are practicing, you are also building strength in the arms and legs to further propel you. Regular practice is key to taking your breakdancing to the next level. Imagine everyone's face when you can just drop down and pull some amazing break dance moves right in front of them. They would say, " how did you learn to do that?". The secret is learning a few of the right moves and practicing them until it is showtime! Learn to Breakdance Here

Breakdance Bboy