10 Healthy Eating Tips

Kat & Sloane’s Top 10 Healthy Eating Tips food pyramid

1. If it comes from a farm – it is good!  If it doesn’t come from a farm – proceed with caution (except for fish!)

2. Avoid processed foods.  Read your labels and make good choices.

3. Eat colourful foods!  They are full of nutrients. (You know were not talkin’ ‘bout candy!)

4. Eat 5 to 10 fruits / vegetables each day.

5. Avoid foods with lots of sugar – this includes drinks!  Choose water, milk or juice over pop.  Limit sweets – they are full of calories but empty of nutrition.

6. Drink lots of water throughout the day – especially when it is hot.food group

7. Avoid deep fried foods.  Choose broiled, baked, or steamed instead.

8. Avoid unhealthy fast foods.  If you must eat at a fast food restaurant, look for their healthier alternatives.

9. Watch portion control.  Only eat until you feel satisfied.  Don’t stuff yourself!

10. Choose whole grains over white/processed.

See the video on Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Kids here