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Suduko can be taken on the road, in a plane, in the car or even played at home on a rainy day.












Get Suduko Here

Who else wants immediate access to over 300 sudoku puzzles that will boost kids mental capacity and develop creativity and concentration... GUARANTEED?

365 Kids Games

In addition to Suduko, you can fine a game a day, that is 365 different games to play year round. Find the right game for any occasion including holidays, parties, educational games and more fun games to keep kids entertained. Check out our Games section for more ideas.

365 game ideas include

*Uses inexpensive materials, mostly found around the home (saves you money)

*Wide variety of games  (holidays, party, educational, preschool and a whole lot more)

*Activities for all ages (3 years until 16 years old)

*Ideas to create new and different games (in truth you're getting more than 365 games)

*Brand new and old favorite games (all tried and tested by kids)

*Games that inspire creativity and self esteem

*Good for one child growing up (can repeat a game at a more advanced level)

*Many uses (for home schooling, groups of kids, rainy days, parties, etc)