Tetherball Outdoor Games

Tetherball Rules








If your school or playground has a 9-10 foot pole with a  large (20 foot) circle around it, this is a tetherball court.  To play, you will need a tetherball – ball attached to a rope – that you hand from the top of the pole so the ball hangs 3 feet (or 4 feet if you are taller) from the ground.  This is a two player game.

To play, one player tosses the tetherball into the air and hits the ball in any direction. The other player can’t hit the tether ball until it passes on a second swing around the pole.   

The object of the game is to wind the rope completely around the pole in your direction.   You cannot use any parts of your body except your hands and forearms.  You are not allowed to leave your designated area or catch/hold the ball.  If you do, the ball goes to your opponent.  You can play best 3 out of 5, or best 4 out of 7, to find the winner.