Winter Olympics

Celebrate the Winter Olympics - Vancouver 2010!

Winter Olympic Party Ideas

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympic Games have just finished in Vancouver, Canada. They ran from February 12-28, 2010.

Since they only come every 4 years, why not throw a Winter Olympic Party?

Watch our Video on Party Ideas, have fun making party invitations and try playing our Winter Olympic Trivia or Charades Games.

There were some great Olympic moments and a ton of gold medals for U.S. and Canada. What a great final few days and a fun closing ceremony. Hope you enjoyed this year's Olympics! Next time in 4 years, they will be held in Russia.

You can also organize a fun outdoor party having races in the snow, tobogganing or a skating party. Make a fun obstacle course, an indurance challenge, or silly Olympics.

You can use the same craft medals (from our invitations video) to present to the winners of your Olympic Games.

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Winter Olympics 2010

Party Food

Since the Olympics are multi-national, serve foods from the different countries, like German pretzels, Swedish meatballs, American burgers, Italian pizzas, etc...

You can also serve fruits or cheese cut up into cubes and put decorative toothpicks with international flags into the cubes and present them on a tray.

For dessert, make cupcakes and ice them in the colors of the Olympic rings. Place them on a tray in the formation of the Olympic rings.