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Ballet Bible Dancing Instruction - Free Tips and a Video - Course

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Ballet Basics

Ballet Positions

Ballet positions have french names, but they really just refer to first position through fifth position. Knowing where the hands and feet go in each of the positions will help get to a starting point of a particular dance step.

First position ballet basicsFirst position is where the toes point outward and the heels touch together. Moving the feet apart by a foot creates the second position out of the first position so the heels no longer touch. Third position is a little more tricky, where one foot touches the other midway. The heel of the front foot touches the middle area of the back foot. Fourth position takes the third position pose and just stretches it out so the feet are no longer touching.

The trickiest of all for balance is the fifth position where the toe of one foot touches the heel of the other and the toe of the second foot touches the heel of the first foot.

Meanwhile the hand positions also are matched to each of the feet positions.

ballet dance lessonsLearn ballet at your own pace at home or visit a local dance studio - or both.

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Major ballet positions are the foundation for other ballet moves. You can learn pirouettes and many other moves derived from the basic positions.

Increasing your flexibilty and balance at the same time will make you a better ballet dancer.

Have fun becoming a better dancer and feeling better too!