Happy Feet Dance

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OK, what were you expecting to find under "Antarctica Cultural Dancing"! :)

Well alright, here are some penguins dancing, see the Dancing Penguins non-Cultural Dance in Antarctica.

The winds coming spun off from Antartica influence most of the world weather patterns. So if we find any dancing wind patterns, we will post those as well!


Happy Feet Dance

Antarctica Cultural Dancing

Happy Feet is recent Antarctica style dancing. Not sure if that's the way they really dance there......

The happy feet penguin dance has made both Antarctica and penguins more popular. It also has shone a lite on tap dancing and many kids are getting into tap.

Real tap dancing is all about the sounds. Since this little guy is dancing on soft snow, he probably isn't making much noise. For human tappers, tap shoes are needed with the special taps on the toes, balls of the feet and heel. The music is often turned down for competitions so the judges can hear the tap sounds. Unlike Irish Dancing, tap dancing uses the arms and whole body in the dance.