Healthy Summer Tips

Have a healthy summer

Thirst quenchers – Keep “spa” water in the fridge.  Just fill up a jug with water and add sliced lemons and limes and lots of ice.  You can also do one with cucumbers .  It is inexpensive, sugar-free and will taste great.  Not to mention, it will quench that thirst.

 Play outdoors and when training such as when using a SKLZ Agility Ladder on the grass, train either in the morning or later afternoon to avoid hot direct mid-day sun. Drink plenty of water when exercising.

Natural Alternatives to Freezies – Try the new 100% fruit juice freezies or make your own with a 100% fruit juice blend.  Yogurt tubes also make a great frozen treat as well.  Just push a popsicle stick right through the top and freeze or put store-bought yogurt tubes right into the freezer.


Stock Up on Fruits and Veggies – Keep freshly cut and cleaned vegetables and fruit on hand in your fridge.  Dips, salsas, cheese, tortillas and cooked meats are always great to have ready as well.


Keep Cool on a Hot Summer Night – A hot night can make it quite difficult to get to sleep.  One way to help keep cool is to put your pillow cases in the freezer and then take them out just before bed. 

Another way is to put a floor fan in an open window upstairs after sunset.  Have it turned to blow the air outside.  Open some windows downstairs to bring in some new cooler air while your fan is pushing hot air out the window.