Swimming Pool Party Games


Fun swimming pool games and party ideas.

Now that summer is winding down, kids are getting bored with summer activities. You probably couldn't get them out of the pool in June, but now they don't feel like getting wet. Getting them back in the water just requires a little more planning and organization now. With the right incentive, your kids will soon be back in - getting exercise and having a blast. Here are some ideas for swimming pool party games and pool party themes:

Party pool games:

Play pool tag. Tag works the same in the water - one person is it and has to swim to tag the others.

Play swimming colors: One person is 'it'. That person goes in the middle area of the pool and has to turn their back so they cannot see the other players.

Each of the other players has to think of a color. If 'it' says their color, that player has to swim past the seeker and try to make it to the other side of the pool. The person that is 'it' cannot turn around - they have to just listen for the sounds of someone swimming and head in that direction to tag them as they go by.

Have contests off the diving board: see who can do the wackiest jumps, most impressive, funniest, biggest cannonball, etc. Pick the judges ahead of time and let everyone know the category before the jumping begins.

Get some diving sticks and make it a game. Give points for fastest, furthest, most in a minute, etc.

Have a fishing pole by the pool and each team must fish a ring out of the pool. Or, you could have a large floating ring or tube, and players have to throw a ball or diving stick through the middle.

Make up games with pool noodles, have races, relay races, do balancing tricks, etc.

Get a beach ball & play volleyball (in the shallow end - or on the grass).

Have a water gun or water balloon fight.

Get out the hose & fire up the sprinkler attachments for your at home splash pad.

Pool Party Themes:
Let the kids help organize a pool party. (Be sure everyone can swim or have safety vests available). You can make invitations shaped like watermelon wedges, strawberries, suns, beach umbrellas, etc. Cut out paper decorations to hang outside. Get fairy lights to hang over the table area.

Have a Hawaiian Luau: Make a CD with Hawaiian music. Ask people to come dressed in island wear, provide leis, straw hats, grass skirts, coconut cups, pineapple punch, etc. Let everyone make up their best hula dances.

Have a Caribbean Party: Let everyone dress in island wear or as pirates. Make a CD with island music, put flowers all around as d├ęcor and break out the limbo stick.

California Dreaming Party: Put on your surfer gear, break out the Beach Boys music and decorate with surfboards, palm trees, and neon. Have a hula hoop contest or muscle beach match up.

Have a poolside mocktail party. Get crushed ice, several types of fruit juice and sparkling water or club soda. Be sure to use plastic glassware near the pool. Let everyone make their own concoctions, and garnish with fruit pieces, colourful ice cubes or funky stir sticks.

Frozen yogurt (or ice cream) sundae parties are fun too - be sure to have different flavours & some fun stuff to sprinkle or poor on top.

Remember - parties are about spending time with friends and having lots of fun. Don't stress - If you are enthusiastic and excited about having them - they will feel the same way about being invited. Party ON!

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