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Trampoline Tutorial

Competitive Gymnastics Trampoline Skills

We visit our local trampoline and gymnastics club in Burlington where competitive trampolinist and his coaches show us some awesome moves that can make up a competitive trampoline compulsary routine.

Thanks to Cameron, head coach Dennis and coach Ken for all of the great tips along with help from Melissa.

Nice blooper for the video too, Cameron! Thanks for showing us trampoline is safe if you work in a professional club with a spotter.

Some of these skills take time and practice to master and are very impressive.

Katrina tries out some moves on the trampoline in this video.  We also enjoyed spending time with our very good friend Melissa (Cameron’s sister).

Trampoline is often part of the tumbling program at most gyms. 

They usually offer recreational programs as well as competitive.  It’s quite amazing how high the competitors can jump and then how many flips and turns they can do in the air.  Trampoline has become a very popular sport and it is so exciting to watch.  ‘

Training can help you learn not only tricks, but also proper technique.  See our video on competitive trampoline to see Cameron do some high level trampoline skills.

The trampolines people buy for home use are very different than the professional trampolines at a gym.  You should be very careful doing any flips on home trampolines, and should not attempt them if you don’t have gymnastics or trampoline training.

Trampoline is an Olympic event.  A Canadian woman, Rosie MacLennan, won the gold medal in the London Olympics in 2012.