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Applying False Eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Applying eyelashes for stage

Your eye makeup has been done so you need the final dramatic touch – big lashes.  It is much more difficult to put eyelashes on yourself, so have someone do it for you if possible. 

Use a good eyelash glue and trim the width of the lashes before you start – if they are too long. 

Be careful removing false eyelashes as well – you want to use a good makeup remover or wait several hours for the glue to soften, so you don’t take your own eyelashes out with them.

False eyelashes are available in many colors and styles.  We find that black is the most dramatic for stage, but you can also get ones with glitter, rhinestones, tinsel, etc. 

Just remember to coordinate the look if you are in a group.

Put your eyelashes in your caboodle.