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Lips for Stage

Most dance studios will require a bright red or pink lipstick, depending on the costume and type of dance. 

Like eye and skin makeup, lips need to be more dramatic for stage so they are not washed out with the bright lights. 

Even if you have thin lips, a lip liner pencil and well applied lipstick can enhance your look. 

Erika shows us some tips on making smaller lips look fuller.  Invest in good quality lipstick, a lip liner and a flat edged lip brush for best results.

Always check the mirror to make sure lipstick has not gotten on your teeth before you go on stage.  We have a little tip to keep that from happening as well. 

It is also wise to keep a straw in your caboodle for when you get thirsty.  It prevents smudging and washing off lipstick so you don’t have to reapply as often.

Keep your lipstick in your dance caboodle.