Caroline Torti Interview
Interview with Caroline Torti of So You Think You Can Dance Canada


Aidan Kid Model
Interview with Aidan, a successful young model who has also done some acting.


Tabitha Lupien Interview Hairspray Movie Interview with Tabitha Lupien from the Movie Hairspray

Brianna Yorkie Poo Teacup Puppy Interview
Sunday Chat with Briana and her Yorkie Poo Puppy.

Africa Charity - Building a School in Kenya Me to We Day and Free the Children
Sunday Chat with Jessica who went to Africa to help build a school - Africa Charity

Press Photographer Nathan Denette runs into Justin Bieber, MTV awards, Katie Perry
Sunday Chat with star press photographer Nathan Denette.


Chat - Tabitha Lupien

Sunday Chat with Tabitha Lupien

We visit Tabitha Lupien who tells us all about her experience filming the Hairspray movie and gives us great tips for getting through an audition and getting into acting. See the full interview here.

Thanks for all of the great tips!

Acting is really fun, but also a lot of hard work and preparation. Getting into acting can require an agent to help get hooked up with the right projects.