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Welcome to the Hoop Shop for your hula hooping needs.

Why get more than 1 hoop? For playing games, multi-hooping, hooping with friends, or having a spare in case one gets bent. 

Set of 3 Hula Hoops

  • Hooping is great exercise
  • Multiple hoops for multi-tricks
  • Fun way to motivate and be more active
  • Batteries not needed!
  • Recommended for kids, tweens and teens.


Color Changing Hula Hoop





What's new at the Hula Hoop Shop?

Most hoopers agree a larger size and a more solid hoop without kinks in it makes hooping easier to perfect.

That also increases the level of exercise benefit. Care should be taken to avoid injury though. Mainly take care to avoid neck and back injury.

Buy hula hoops Zebra hula hoopZebra Hoops - Set of 6

ZEBRA HOOPS - Set of 6 - Get 6 hoops in different striped colors.

Workout hula hoopHula Hoop Workout Set: Hula hoop innovation for workout-- Acu Hoop 3 lb. Boxed This type of hula hoop is for exercising and increasing fitness by doing a hula hoop fitness workout.

Big Hoop Box: Get a dozen 30" hula hoops on sale!
Choose 24 or 30 inch:

buy hula hoops on sale These hula hoops are stronger than standard hoops. You can also set them up as targets for tossing, jump. Use as hop rings for races or create your own obstacle course. Set of 12 includes 2 of each color:  Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow and Green,.  


Buy a hula hoop online whether you need a weighted hula hoop for exercise, or just want to have some fun by making them dance hula hoops or sports hoops.