Hula Hoop Tricks


hula hoops for kids

Hula Hoops


Hula hoop tricks are cool to learn and perform. It also counts as great exercise while you get better. Hooping is also an inexpensive way of getting and staying fit with stomach and back muscle training and cardio workout too!

Check out this basic hula hoop tutorial on how to get the hoop off of the ground and to move upward.

Some of the basic hooping moves include:

Knee Knockers: you rotate the hoop around your knees

Flamingo (standing on one leg): rotate the hoop around your knee while maintaining yor balance

Footsee: spin the hoop around one ankle and try to hop over the hoop as it comes around.

Kneck rotations: hula hooping around your neck

Once you have all of the parts including basic waist hula hooping, you can try to move the hoop from the waist down to the knee knocker move and then try to move it back up again.

Grab some hula hoops and start practising, you could be the next hula hoop champion!