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Hula Hoops






Hula hoops can be twirled around the waist, neck, arms/hands or legs/feet.  The world record for most hoops twirled at one time is 105, set by Jin Linlin on October 28, 2007. 

Hula Hoop Tricks for kids can inspire us to practice and even get into hula hoop competitions. There are many hula hoop tricks to perfect starting with basics like moving the hoop from waist up to shoulder and back down. There is hooping around the ankle and neck and all sorts of moves like hip bump and even wrist and ankle hooping.

The world record for hoping endurance was set by Roxann Rose of the U.S. in April 1987, who hula-hooped for 90 hours!  Here are 2 current day hoopsters having a hoop off at the Earth Day Festival.  Performing are Karis from the LA group The Mutaytor and Stefan from the NYC group Groove Hoops.

Hula Hoop is great exercise for your back and stomach muscles too. So you can have fun while getting good at hula hooping.

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