Halloween costume ideas:

-Traditional ghost – using an old white sheet – cut holes in it for eyes.  You can also draw on the sheet – spiders & webs, red marker for blood, glitter disco ghost, etc.  Wear a top hat, sunglasses or tie to make it original, or put pillows underneath to change your shape.

-Sports fanatic –use a bike helmet, hockey glove, soccer jersey, football pants, one baseball cleat and one running shoe, badminton racket, swimmer’s nose plug – go thru everything you have in the house and make up your own combination.

-Wear a dark suit, hat & sunglasses to go as a blues brother.  You can also add a tie and make some business cards to be an insurance salesman, mortician (add grey face paint), banker (add pillow for stomach), etc.

- Cut the bottom out of a recycle box so you can fit inside.  Load it up with recyclables – make a paper hat with the recycle symbol on it.
Use large, empty cardboard boxes that you can fit into (around your hips or waist).  Make yourself a care package, return to sender, toxic waste, seized by border control, etc., by decorating & filling box. 

-Spa lady –wear a housecoat, shower cap or towel around your head, slippers, add some cold cream....

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Marshmallow Lollipops

Popular Halloween Costumers

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Some Halloween Treat Alternatives include pencils and even animal crackers.

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