Trick or Treat Halloween Toy Bags

This Halloween you can hand out toys or useful items instead of candy.

Halloween cellophane treat bags Treat bags and toy bags can be stuffed with all kinds of loot. Sometimes when homes run out of candy they reach for spare change, but planning ahead can leave you ready with erasers, pencils, rulers, toothbrushes and other Halloween themed items.
Pumpkin & Ghost Cellophane Treat Bags

Get a pack of 100 cellophane bags to put different Halloween treats in.
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Make your own Halloween Treat Bags*
Halloween Holiday Theme Pencils 24 Pack - Varied Styles  
Teacher Created Resources Halloween Stickers from Susan Winget, Multi Color (5729)  

*Happy Halloween

Halloween Treat Bags can include:

Pencil Toppers
Trading Cards
Rubber Balls
Playing Cards
Plastic Animals
Jump Ropes

Happy Halloween!
-Healthy Food Item Giveaways

Animal Crackers
Fruit Cups
Trail Mix (see our trailmix recipe)
Fruit Juice Box

Some give out red candied apples.

- Tooth Brushing Timers are the new Halloween Toy bag gift that eases the overload of sugar on the teeth, what a great loot bag gift! Your teeth will thank you as you bathe them in all of the rest of the sumptuous sugary delights!

Halloween Treat Bags are a great, fun and healthy alternative to just handing out candy. Some items are actually for safety including the Halloween reflective necklaces and mini-flashlights.

Other practical Halloween toys include toothbrushes and toothbrush timers, pencils, erasers and craft supplies.

Plus you can reuse any leftover items next year as non-edibles don't go bad.