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-Halloween Pumpkin Seedscome in several different types. You can eat pumpkin seeds year 'round, although most prefer during Halloween and Thanksgiving as pumpkin seeds are in season and lower in price in the fall. Fall puts us in the mood for Halloween, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.

Did you know, pumpkin seeds are healthy? They are a fantastic source of protein and contain the immunity booster ZINC. They also have potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, niacin and phytosterols that lower cholesterol levels. Pumpkin seeds contain most of your needed B vitamins along with Vitamins C, D,E and K. Talk about a natural and yummy vitamin!

Pumpkin seeds also contain L-trytophan which actually helps treat major depression! So, healthy and mood booster, get some pumpkin seeds and try them out yourself. No better time than Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Different types of pumpkin seeds include Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Pumpkin Seeds and Pepitas Pumpkin Seeds from Mexico that are raw and flat and need to be roasted or toasted. "Pepita" means small seed in Spanish and they are either called Pepitas or Pumpkin Seeds

-Recommended Pumpkin Seeds – from the Kitchen
Natural Raw Pumpkin Seeds

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